High-Performing Patch Cord Micro Scope with Armored GYFTY53 Stranded Optical Fiber

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1.GYFTY53 uses a Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) as central strength member to provides anti-electromagnetic interference property.

2.The armored structure protects the cable from rat bite and moisture proof.

3.The tubes (and fillers) are stranded around the strength member into a compact and circular core.

4.Then the cable core is covered with a thin polyethylene (PE) inner sheath, which is filled with jelly to protect it from water ingress.

5.A layer of water-blocking material is applied around the cable core to prevent water ingress.

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Introducing our superior quality Armored GYFTY53 Stranded Loose Tube Cable Optical Fiber, an essential addition to any Patch Cord Micro Scope setup. This cable touts premium mechanical and temperature performances, guaranteeing its durability and reliability. Built to resist hydrolysis, the high tensile strength loose tube is fortified with a specialized tube filling compound designed to safeguard the fiber from potential damage. The cable’s flexibility and distinct crush-resistant qualities make it a game-changer in the industry. Our Armored GYFTY53 Cable Optical Fiber is not just about strength and flexibility, it's also about precision. The cable features a Single Fiber Reinforced Plastic central strength member, ensuring high-quality performance and longevity. The 100% cable core filling and PSP enhancement work meticulously to prevent moisture intrusion. Taking watertight measures a step further, we’ve infused the cable with a water-blocking material that guarantees consistent performance, regardless of the operational environment.


· Good mechanical and temperature performance
· High strength looes tube that is hydrolysis resistant
· Special tube filling compound ensure a critical protection of fiber
· Crush resistance and flexibility
· The following measures are taken to ensure the cable watertight:

  • Single Fiber Reinforced Plastic as the central strength member
  • Loose tube filling compound
  • 100% cable core filling
  • PSP enhancing moisture-proof
  • Water-blocking material

GYFTY53 cable complies with Standard YD/T 901-2001as well as IEC 60794-1.

Optical Characteristics








≤3.0 dB/km

≤3.0 dB/km


≤1.0 dB/km

≤1.0 dB/km


≤0.36 dB/km

≤0.40 dB/km


≤0.22 dB/km

≤0.23 dB/km

Bandwidth (Class A)


≥500 MHz·km

≥200 MHz·km


≥1000 MHz·km

≥600 MHz·km

Numerical Aperture



Cable Cut-off Wavelength

≤1260 nm

≤1480 nm

Technical Parameters

Cable TypeFiber CountTubesFillersCable DiametermmCable Weight kg/kmTensile StrengthLong/Short Term NCrush ResistanceLong/Short TermN/100mmBending RadiusStatic/Dynamicmm
GYFT Y53-62~7262~726216.82551000/30001000/300010D/20D

Storage/Operating Temperature : -40℃ to + 70℃

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  • Rooted in excellence, our cable is compliant with Standard YD/T 901-2001 and IEC 60794-1. Whether you are dealing with an optical power meter, or any other device that requires an optical cable, the Armored GYFTY53 Stranded Loose Tube 12 24 48 72 Core Cable Optical Fiber becomes more than just a component. It becomes a critical part of your Patch Cord Micro Scope setup, ensuring precision, durability, and performance. Opt for quality. Opt for the Armored GYFTY53 Stranded Loose Tube 12 24 48 72 Core Cable Optical Fiber. The best choice for your Patch Cord Micro Scope.
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