• What is fiber optic PLC splitter?
    Post time: 2024-07-17 17:01:21

    Understanding Fiber Optic PLC Splitters: A Comprehensive Guide Introduction to Fiber Optic PLC SplittersFiber optics have revolutionized the telecommunications industry by providing faster and more reliable data transmission. Among the essential components in these networks are the Fiber Optic PLC Splitters. These devices play a crucial role in splitting optical signals for distribution to multiple endpoints, ensuring efficient and effective communication. In this article, we delve into the intricacies of Fiber Optic PLC Splitters, their workings, applications, advantages, and much more. What Read more »

  • How much splitter loss in optical fiber?
    Post time: 2024-07-14 16:57:10

    Understanding the intricacies of optical fiber technology is essential for anyone involved in telecommunications and data transmission. One fundamental aspect is splitter loss and its implications on network performance. This article aims to explore the various dimensions of splitter loss in optical fibers, focusing on factors affecting loss, measurements, mitigating strategies, and technological advancements. Keywords such as Optical PLC Splitter, china Optical PLC Splitter, Optical PLC Splitter manufacturer, Optical PLC Splitter factory, and Optical PLC Splitter supplier are discussed to off Read more »

  • What are the different types of PLC splitters?
    Post time: 2024-07-11 16:57:08

    What Are the Different Types of PLC Splitters ? Introduction to PLC Splitters ● Definition and Basic Function Planar Lightwave Circuit (PLC) splitters are integral components of passive optical networks (PONs), serving to divide a single optical signal into multiple signals. This capability is vital for distributing data from a central office to multiple endpoints, such as in Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) systems. PLC splitters function by leveraging waveguides on a semiconductor platform to split light while maintaining signal integrity. ● Importance in Optical Networks The widespread adoption of Read more »

  • What is the PLC splitter?
    Post time: 2024-07-08 16:53:16

    Understanding the PLC Splitter: A Comprehensive Guide Introduction to PLC Splitters In the intricate world of fiber optic communication, certain components play pivotal roles in ensuring efficient and reliable data transmission. One such essential component is the PLC splitter. PLC splitters, or Planar Lightwave Circuit splitters, are a fundamental technology in optical networks, facilitating the splitting of optical signals with precision and minimal loss. This article delves deep into what PLC splitters are, their working principles, types, construction, advantages, applications, and more. W Read more »

  • Post time: 2024-02-19 16:16:43

    Fiber optic and cable connection arrangements are the background technologies for modern communications systems to achieve high speed, wide coverage and increased bandwidth. Individual components such as fiber optics, cables, connectors, and end-to-end fiber optics have evolved over decades to support current and emerging applications. Today, the need for data has reached new heights, especially during and after the pandemic. To meet this demand, existing traditional cable deployment methods are no longer sufficient and 10x fiber needs to be deployed at 3x speeds. Major technology and capital Read more »

  • Post time: 2024-01-16 16:05:19

    The optical splitter is the core of FTTH optical devices. It contains great growth potential and will become the main driver of the growth of the FTTX market. It will undoubtedly bring vitality and challenges to the optical communications manufacturing industry, and it will also bring challenges to optical communications companies. Bring space for rapid development again. This article summarizes the PLC splitter market, industry situation and technology development status. The development of PLC chips, optical fiber arrays and coupling packaging technology is briefly analyzed.Currently, the co Read more »

  • Post time: 2023-10-19 16:31:12

     On September 7, 2022 China Top 500 Private Enterprises Summit was held. The meeting was held in a combination of online and offline mode, and Wu Bin, director and vice president of the Group, attended the meeting in Zhejiang Province sub-council.FCJ Group was ranked 386th and 241st respectively in the lists of “Top 500 Private Enterprises in China 2022″ and “Top 500 Private Enterprises in Manufacturing Industry in China 2022″ announced at the meeting. This is the 20th consecutive year that FCJ Group has been listed in the top 500 private enterprises in China and its ranking has increased, whi Read more »

  • Fuchunjiang Group Optical Communication Industrial Park officially opened
    Post time: 2023-10-19 16:34:21

    On the 1st day of February, FCJ OPTO TECH moved into the new office building smoothly.△The new office building is located in Fuchunjiang Group Optical Communication Industrial Park, Dongzhou Industrial Park Road 11, Dongzhou Street△At 9:00 a.m. on February 1, Chairman Sun of the Board of Directors and President Zheng of the Group visited the new office building of Fuchunjiang Photoelectric to guide the work. Chairman Sun and President Zheng affirmed that Fuchunjiang Photoelectric had completed the relocation of administrative departments efficiently.Next, share a wave of beautiful photos of th Read more »

  • The second phase of the optical communication industrial park is expected to be completed by the end of the year
    Post time: 2023-10-19 16:34:24

    Since the reform and opening up, optical communication has been the traditional advantageous industry of Fuyang. (hereinafter referred to as “Fuchunjiang Photoelectricity”), which is a subsidiary of Fuchunjiang Group, has given birth to the first HYYV municipal cable in Hangzhou and the first communication fiber optic cable in Zhejiang Province, and cultivated many talents in optical communication industry, so it also has the reputation of “Whampoa Military School” in the industry. Huangpu military school” reputation in the industry. Based on the new development stage, this old high-tech enter Read more »

  • Hangzhou Mayor Investigates Fuchunjiang Group’s Optical Communication Segment
    Post time: 2023-10-19 16:34:39

    Zhejiang Fuchunjiang Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. is the core subsidiary of "information and communication" industry of Fuchunjiang Group, one of the top 500 private enterprises in China, and the birthplace of "Zhejiang Optics Valley". Over the past 35 years, Fuchunjiang Photoelectric has been adhering to the mission of "information highway 'road builder'", maintaining its strategic determination for the development of optical communication industry, scientific layout, planning and moving, leading The optical communication industry is riding on the momentum of a new chapter.Recently, Liu Read more »

  • The Governor of Fuyang District Visits Fuchunjiang Optical Communication Park
    Post time: 2023-10-19 16:35:02

    On May 7th, Wang Jian, the Governor and Ceputy Secretary of CPC of Fuyang District leaded functionaries from the District Government Office, the District Bureau for Economic&Information Technology and Administration Committee of the Economic&Technology Development Zone to visit Fuchunjiang Optical Communication Park, accompanied by Sun qinyan(the broad chairman of Fuchunjiang Group), Sun Zhen(the executive vice president of Fuchunjiang Group), Lu Chunxiao(the vice president of Fuchunjiang Group) and Shao Bo( the general manager director of Fuchunjiang Photoelectric Science&Technology).While vi Read more »

  • Post time: 2023-10-19 16:35:30

    The group’s new headquarters building project, which was carefully built by Zhejiang Fuchunjiang United Holding Group, stood out from nearly 45,000 entries from more than 100 countries and regions around the world, and won the 2022 Muse Design Gold Award in the United States. This is also the main design master Meng Fanhao won this award again after the Group’s Xiasha Qiantang Yungu project.The Muse Design Award is one of the most influential international awards in the global creative design field. It is hosted by the long-established international awards association IAA and is known for its Read more »

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