Closed loop for 96 hours, what they went through

On August 24, the sudden new crown epidemic in Fuyang Dongzhou disrupted our production and life rhythm. The whole island was silent and the whole area was tested for nucleic acid …… According to the requirements of the epidemic prevention command, Fuchunjiang Group’s Yongte Cable Company in Dongzhou Industrial Park and Yongte Information Company in Optical Communication Industrial Park then entered the closed-loop production management state.图片1


The Group’s epidemic prevention and control emergency leading group held an emergency meeting to actively respond and make proper decisions, and requested that under the guidance of relevant government departments, the production and logistics guarantee during the closed operation be strengthened, while the logistic guarantee of more than 270 closed personnel be done with all efforts to ensure safety and order.

From the early morning of August 25 to August 29, after 96 hours of total closure, when the closure and control were lifted, we really felt the tremendous effort they had put in from their photos and narratives.


Yongte Cable Company Canteen


Optical Communication Industrial Park Canteen

Eating and sleeping, which are commonplace on a regular basis, have become important safeguard matters in a closed-loop environment. Optical communication industry park canteen daily supply of breakfast, lunch, dinner, night snack four meals, due to the impact of the epidemic, the original 2 chefs, can be on duty only one person left Pan Chuntao, for more than 150 people’s diet spoon, to assist him only 2 kitchen staff. Under the pressure of intense work for days, his hand was strained, but still gritted his teeth to persist, he said, “a park of people eating things, and then bitter and tired to persist.


Under the sudden situation, the staff dormitory of Yongte Cable was already overcrowded, but there was still no way to let all the closed staff have beds to sleep, and some of them could only sleep on the floor in the corridor and office area. The company’s first purchase of mats, sheets, pillows, noodles and other supplies distributed to everyone, the district government stationed in the Yongte information in the enterprise commissioner also with the staff to sleep on the floor, “every day is only three or four hours of rest time, stay up and pass.” They said so.



At 4:00 a.m. before dawn, the day’s work of epidemic prevention in the closed enterprise began. Under the reminder of the security personnel, everyone woke up early on time, lined up in an orderly manner to do nucleic acid, while a special person was responsible for sending samples and implementing daily disinfection in the closed area, with a clear division of labor and close cooperation, weaving a tightly knitted epidemic prevention and control network.

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After 96 hours of closed and non-stop test, it further refined Fuchunjiang people’s skills of hard work and ability to fight hard battles. During the epidemic period in Dongzhou, YongTe Cable and YongTe Information still kept their production capacity above 80% even though they were not fully staffed. The government staff, enterprise leaders, epidemic prevention personnel and front-line production workers united to fight against epidemic and keep production.

Post time: Sep-08-2022