The Governor of Fuyang District Visits Fuchunjiang Optical Communication Park

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On May 7th, Wang Jian, the Governor and Ceputy Secretary of CPC of Fuyang District leaded functionaries from the District Government Office, the District Bureau for Economic&Information Technology and Administration Committee of the Economic&Technology Development Zone to visit Fuchunjiang Optical Communication Park, accompanied by Sun qinyan(the broad chairman of Fuchunjiang Group), Sun Zhen(the executive vice president of Fuchunjiang Group), Lu Chunxiao(the vice president of Fuchunjiang Group) and Shao Bo( the general manager director of Fuchunjiang Photoelectric Science&Technology).

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While visiting the optical wand&fiber manufacturing base of Yongte Infomation, Wang Jian asked questions to understand correlative technology on manufacturing. After that, he had a look at the phase II Construction Project of the Park and knew the detailed information. The manufacturing work and construction were complimented.

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In the end, Wang Jian and Sun Qinyan had a conversation.

Post time: Jun-03-2019