The second phase of the optical communication industrial park is expected to be completed by the end of the year

Since the reform and opening up, optical communication has been the traditional advantageous industry of Fuyang. (hereinafter referred to as “Fuchunjiang Photoelectricity”), which is a subsidiary of Fuchunjiang Group, has given birth to the first HYYV municipal cable in Hangzhou and the first communication fiber optic cable in Zhejiang Province, and cultivated many talents in optical communication industry, so it also has the reputation of “Whampoa Military School” in the industry. Huangpu military school” reputation in the industry. Based on the new development stage, this old high-tech enterprise has stepped into a new journey to cover the whole industry chain of optical rods, optical fibers, optical cables, optical devices and new 5G products.

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Walking into the Fuchunjiang Group’s optical communication industrial park in Dongzhou New District of the Development Zone, there is a scene of feverish activity everywhere. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Yongte Information”), a subsidiary of Fuchunjiang Optoelectronics, plays a pivotal role in the whole industrial park. The person in charge of the enterprise introduced that, as a key project in Zhejiang Province, the project started construction in 2017, ignition and commissioning in 2018, and formal production in 2019. After several rounds of technical transformation, production and quality to achieve a “double upgrade”, optical fiber preform, fiber quality has always been the first echelon of the industry. One third of the company’s optical fiber output is used to guarantee the production of its own fiber optic cable and other products, and the rest is mainly sold to domestic communication enterprises, Southeast Asian markets and “One Belt and One Road” countries.

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This year, the optical communication industry is gradually getting rid of the adverse factors such as the global epidemic. “In particular, optical cable products are performing eye-catchingly in the overseas market, with overseas sales increasing by more than 100% year-on-year in the first quarter, which is expected to become a new growth point this year.” Fuchunjiang photoelectricity responsible person said, based on the judgment of the whole industry situation, the enterprise from the second half of last year to intensify the planning of the second phase of the construction of the Yongte information project. In the west side of Yongte Information Phase I plant, workers are working hard to build the second phase of the project plant. “It is expected that the steel structure will be completed in May, the main plant will be completed in August, the equipment will be installed in September, and it will be put into operation by the end of the year.

“We have always been the builder of ‘information highway’, now we also hope to ‘drive’ on the highway, the whole industry chain layout is increasingly important to enhance competitiveness.” The person in charge of Fuchunjiang Photoelectric said that through the integration of the whole industry chain, we can not only compress the management and logistics costs of the production link, but also improve the competitiveness of our products; through the R&D and manufacturing of the whole industry chain, we can also continuously expand and optimize the product structure and market structure, thus improving the overall anti-risk ability of the enterprise. “In terms of market structure, we have gradually opened up the situation in non-operator fields such as rail, railroad and electric power, and are actively moving towards new markets such as ‘One Belt, One Road’. In terms of product structure, we will also launch a series of 5G terminal products next, and strive to cover the whole industry chain.”

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